Barn Rules
Barn hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM Saturday and Sunday 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM. Be sure to let us know if leaving early or coming in late from a special event.
No Smoking in the barn, view room, bathroom, or arenas. Smoking permitted only in designated area in front of barn. Do not discard cigarette butts on property.
Please clean up any mess in the aisle from your horse, BEFORE & AFTER riding. Clean up all messes left from walking your horse out of their stall for turnout or from the arena. We appreciate everyone’s help in keeping the barn clean.
Appropriate footwear is required when handling horses. No open toe shoes allowed.
Do not sweep horse hair or manure into riding arenas. Please dispose of properly.
Please use walkways provided when turning horses out. Be sure to clean up any messes left on paths or on side of barn from your horse.
Please clean up any messes from your horse in the driveway when loading or unloading from trailer. Be sure not to obstruct driveway when loading or unloading horse from trailer.
All minors Under 14 MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while at the barn. They may not be dropped off.
Anyone who rides MUST sign a waiver prior to getting on the horse. Waivers are located on bulletin board. Riders must fill them out completely.
All minors Under 16 MUST wear protective headgear at all times when riding.
All dogs accompanying their owners MUST be leashed or restrained. You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog on the property.
Do not throw horse manure in barn garbage cans. Take out to dumpster or manure pile.
Please keep off grass on side of barn and around house when ground is soft. We do not want it torn up from horse hooves.
Feeding treats by hand or otherwise to any other horses in the barn is prohibited unless permission is obtained from the horse’s owner.
We ask that the last person to leave at night please shut off all lights, lock the tack room, close doors (if cold outside) and close driveway gate.
Please remember when pulling in or leaving that the posted speed limit is 5 mph due to the animals and children on the property.

Arena Rules
Ride with “HEADS UP” at ALL TIMES to avoid confusion/collisions. Stay aware of other riders circling or changing directions.  This is especially important for those who may be jumping or going over poles.
When more than 1 rider present, if possible, ride the same direction, otherwise pass “Left to Left” shoulder or call “Inside/Outside” when passing.
Clean up after yourself in the arena.  This includes: candy wrappers, pop cans, training equipment and other items you bring to the arena.
Horses turned out in the arenas should not be left unattended & must be caught in the event a rider enters.  
Only 1 person allowed to longe when riders are present.  No longing allowed when 5 or more riders present.  Be sure to alert riders before cracking whip.
Longing circles must be contained within one end of the arena and off the rail to allow riders to get by and circle the other 1/2.
All jumps, poles, cones & other equipment must be put away to designated area after each use.
All minors under 18 are required to wear protective headgear whenever riding, jumping or not.  
All riders jumping MUST wear protective headgear/helmet.  No Exceptions. 
When setting up jumps, one end of the arena must be left open for circling when other riders present.
No more than 3 jumps (4 if done close together) can be set up when riders are present.  If riders enter, extra jumps must be taken down to avoid obstruction of the arena.  Jumps are not allowed on the rail when other riders present.
No jumping allowed when there are 3 or more riders present. No longing allowed when riders are jumping.  Longers will have to wait until jumping is done.
“Heads Up”  must be called prior to taking jumps if other riders are present.
All minors under 16 MUST have an adult present to jump.
Everyone is required to sweep up the aisle after walking back from the arena.
For rules regarding lessons, see sheet located next to turnout board.
Please realize we are an open discipline barn that has several different riding styles.  The arenas are large enough to accommodate several riders so long as we all work together and use common sense.  Conflicts and misunderstandings can be avoided if we are respectful & courteous toward one another.
Thank you,
Forest Trails